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There has been a rise in the use of home ventilation systems during the COVID-19 pandemic as we are now more conscious of air quality than ever. Concerns are not only exposure to germs and viruses but also chemical substances in building materials that cause sick-house syndromes, or any house dust.

The home ventilation system provides ventilation 24 hours daily, providing clean air circulating in an appropriate temperature setting. In addition, a new heat exchange ventilation system that reuses the heat exhausted during ventilation saves heating and cooling costs.

Reversible Flow Fan for Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The home heat exchange ventilation system uses a reversible flow fan to ventilate while reducing the effects of internal and external temperature differences.

Using a heat storage element, the heat from the outside air in the summer and the heat inside the room in the winter are recovered. Therefore, the air can be supplied at room temperature during the supply. The living space can be ventilated in a clean and efficient way. By utilizing this system, the air conditioning in the room can be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

residential heat ventilation system

Space Saving with Blowing in Both Directions

The reversible flow fan can blow air in both directions by the PWM speed control function. In one direction, clean filtered air is supplied to the room, and in the other direction, dirty air is discharged to the outside of the room. Therefore, it is not necessary to design an air supply port and an exhaust port separately with multiple conventional fans on each side.  It is possible to build a space-saving ventilation system with a single reversible flow fan.

same performance in both directions

Same Level of Blowing Performance in Either Direction

The new 136x28mm 9RFA type reversible flow fan has a nearly equivalent airflow and static pressure performance in either blowing direction. This eliminates the need to consider the performance difference between two blowing directions in designing systems.

Highest Cooling Performance

The new 136x28mm 9RFA type reversible flow fan has a cooling performance spec that delivers a maximum airflow of 74.2 CFM and a maximum static pressure of 1.14 InchesH2O, which is leading the industry (as of 2021). This gives flexibility in design even using speed control.

In summary, this fan is ideal for home ventilation systems and other applications that require two-way blowing fans, with space-saving and energy efficiency as well as significant cost-saving.

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