How to Find UL Certification Listings For SANYO DENKI Cooling Fans

When customers are going through the final stages of completing their designs, they require that our DC, ACDC, and AC fans are UL certified and sometimes may have difficulty finding this.  We are listed on UL’s online certification directory and here are the steps to find your specific SANYO DENKI fan or fan assembly:


  1. Log on to
  2. Create an account.
  3. Enter E46810 in the search field.
  4. Select GPWV2.E46810 which will show the list of our part numbers that are UL certified.
  5. Search with your model number by typing Ctrl+F to create a search window, then enter your part number. For example, if you need to see if 9B1TP24P0H001 is listed. type 9B1TP24P0H, to see this model on a specific page as shown:
how to find UL Certificate listing of SANYO DENKI Cooling Fans

Note the certification listing is for the part series without the end characters specified. The ending characters are reserved for the custom suffix which we assign and are either specific to the variant to the fan series or pertains to the value add to create the fan assembly.

In other words, UL will list as approved, for example, PN 9B1TP24P0H + “azxx” since those last few characters designate aspects of the fan that do not affect the certification.

SANYO DENKI complies with safety standards such as CSA, TUV, CE, and RoHS. See more details on below Safety Standards page or San Ace FAQ page.

Written by Gary Masessa

Our experienced application engineers and field engineers will provide support on cable customization or any other technical support for your equipment. Consult your local SANYO DENKI field sales representatives and distributors to discuss your next project.

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