how splash proof cooling fans help cooling solution for EV charger stations

SANYO DENKI's Cooling Solution for EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) have gained widespread adoption globally, and companies like SANYO DENKI are leading the way by providing innovative cooling solutions to support EV charging stations. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how SANYO DENKI’s advanced splash proof fans play a crucial role in driving the growth of EV infrastructure.

Rapid Charging Stations: Accelerating EV Adoption

how EV rapid charger help saving time

Rapid charging stations play a pivotal role in encouraging EV adoption. Here are the key points:

  •  Charging Speed: These stations can charge EVs to 80% in just 15 minutes(*), significantly reducing the time spent at charging stations.
  •  User Convenience: Faster charging makes EVs more convenient for users, addressing a common concern about electric mobility.

(*) Charging time varies based on factors such as car model, battery capacity, and station performance.

Splash Proof Fans: Reliable Performance for Outdoor EV Installations

SANYO DENKI’s splash proof fans are purpose-built to ensure robust performance even in challenging outdoor environments. Here’s what you need to know.

Water and Dust Protection: Engineered to withstand dust, water, and dirt exposure with ingress protections, these fans are ideal for outdoor use. Select fans with required IP ratings.

cross section of splashproof fans with components protected by resin

  • IP56: Provides protection against dust and water ingress.
  • IP68: Indicates submersion resistance, making them suitable for various applications.

Advantage of Using Splash Proof Fans for Rapid EV Chargers:

<With Rain Cover>

Protective cover was necessary to protect the fan against water and dust.

  • Require cost man-hours
  • Device size is increased
  • Exhaust air makes noise with the cover

<With Splash proof fans>

With the protective cover removed:

  • Cost and man-hours reduced
  • Device is downsized
  • Noise level is lowered
comparison image of EV charger application with rain cover and one with splashproof fans

Simplify Structure: The exterior of device requires no waterproof cover, reducing costs and dimensional footprint of the unit.

Noise Reduction: By eliminating the need for an additional waterproof cover, SANYO DENKI’s splash-proof fans minimize wind noise, enhancing their suitability for outdoor installations, including EV charging stations.

Splash Proof Fans Lineup:

Fan Type Type Size Range Features
9WV, 9WP, 9W
40–172 mm
40–92 mm
IP68, large airflow, long life
φ100x25 - φ270x119 mm
IP54, 56, 68-rated
97 x 33 mm

Various Fan Sizes, Voltages, and Performance Characteristics to Choose From

SANYO DENKI’s splash proof fan range ensures effective cooling and ventilation for various equipment and applications. Customers can find the perfect fan size, rated voltage, and performance characteristic to meet their specific needs.


SANYO DENKI has been a trusted provider of cooling solutions for various industries, with fans being a crucial component in many advanced devices. Contact us for a quote, or to discuss your device's customization requirements.

Our experienced application engineers and field engineers will provide support on the customization or any other technical support for your equipment. Contact our representatives or distributors to start discussing your next project.

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