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Cooling fans play a critical role in various applic4 SDG goals sanyo denki cooling fans can contributeations, from industrial processes to data centers. At SANYO DENKI, we recognize the urgency of energy efficiency. Our mission is to reduce power consumption in cooling fans, thereby decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond energy efficiency, we also focus on enhancing the longevity of cooling fans. By doing so, we contribute to better resource utilization and waste reduction. These efforts align with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as depicted in Figure 1. In this blog, we explore the innovative technologies we’ve developed to achieve these vital objectives.

1. Simulation-based automated design optimization: Design impeller and frame for lower power consumption and noise

To lower power consumption in cooling fans, we have been utilizing simulation-based design optimization, along with SANYO DENKI’s expertise, to ensure both the impeller and frame demonstrate good aerodynamic performance and the stator core, windings, magnets, and drive circuit provide high motor efficiency.

a graph showing characteristic comparison current vs new cooling fan
comparison of current and new fan frame

2. Visualization of Airflow: Assess turbulence and eddies to refine impeller and frame shapes

comparison images of Eddy suppression through redesigned spoke shape in cooling fan designTo refine the impeller and frame shapes generated by our automated optimization, we utilize simulations to visualize airflow. Unsuitable blade shapes can induce turbulence and eddies, diminishing efficiency and increasing noise. Simulation-based airflow visualization allows us to assess turbulence and eddies, guiding improvements. Figure 4 demonstrates reduced eddies by modifying the frame spoke shape.

3. Visualization of internal airflow: improving self-cooling structure for lower motor and bearing temperatures

image of SANYO DENKI cooling fan Internal airflow visualization

We utilize simulation-based airflow visualization to enhance service life. Employing a self-cooling structure maintains low motor and bearing temperatures, extending longevity. Simulations aid in designing a structure with improved self-cooling capability. Figure 5 depicts internal airflow visualization, showing Structure B’s enhanced airflow compared to Structure A, indicative of superior self-cooling capability.

With simulation-based automated design and airflow visualization, we can now design impellers, frames, motors, and structures to create cooling fans with reduced power consumption and extended lifespan.

Applied Engineering: SANYO DENKI Fans Contributing to Achieving a Low-Carbon Society

The 9RA Type Fan with Low Energy Consumption and Low Noise

image of SANYO DENKI 140x38mm low noise energy efficient cooling fan

The San Ace 9RA type cooling fans, range from 60 × 60 mm to 140 × 140 mm, consuming less power and generating less noise than current models while maintaining size and cooling performance. Its significantly reduced power consumption results in 41% lower CO2 emissions over its lifecycle compared to the current products, per our LCA calculation software.

What is Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)?

Life Cycle Assessment: LCA is one of the techniques used to provide a general quantitative measure of levels of environmental impact including global warming that products have through their life cycles. We evaluate the environmental compatibility of a product using this method.

Download Environmental Databook for more information on LCA and Eco Products.

We are dedicated to producing cooling fans with low power consumption and extended service life. In alignment with our environmental impact reduction targets, as a global manufacturer with worldwide product reach, we remain committed to fostering a low-carbon society by developing and offering products tailored to this overarching goal.

Learn more details from our whitepaper “Building a Low-Carbon Society”:


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