Fans Offer More than Quiet Operation - 9RA Series​

Applications used in the vicinity of people, such as medical equipment, amusement equipment, measuring equipment, Audio/Visual equipment, and power supplies require both cooling performance and noise reduction as the amount of heat generated increases.

SANYO DENKI developed the San Ace 9RA Type DC Fan series with those applications in mind. It achieves low noise, low power consumption, and long-life features while keeping high cooling performance. With the variety of sizes, nominal voltages and speed selection, as well as PWM control on the maximum speed models, you can achieve further optimization for your equipment needs.

the new 9RA series offers low noise, long life and high performance
* Noise level comparison is based on the same impedance condition.

The energy-efficient, new high-performance low noise series with approximately 7 years of L10 Life could be the best fit for your next project. Consult your local SANYO DENKI field sales representatives and distributors.

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Customization and Technical Support

Our experienced application engineers and field engineers will provide support on sensor customization or any other technical support for your equipment.

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