San Ace 9RA Series provide Quiet Cooling performance that supports the Medical industry

The Requirements in Medical Equipment Cooling

As medical devices continue to shrink in size, the components and circuit boards inside them are becoming increasingly densely packed, leading to higher heat generation. This presents a challenge for fans, which need to provide sufficient cooling power while also being small enough to fit into these compact devices.

But that’s not the only requirement for fans in medical equipment. Since these devices are often used in close proximity to patients in hospitals and homes, low noise and low vibration are also critical factors. Patients need to be able to relax and rest while these devices are operating, without being disturbed by excessive noise or movement.

Overall, these demands for both cooling and quiet operation are pushing fan manufacturers to develop ever more advanced and sophisticated solutions. The use of fans in advanced medical equipment, from high-tech designs to innovative engineering, has played a vital role in producing quieter and more effective machinery than ever before.

Quiet and Energy Efficient Cooling Is Achieved With 9RA Series

SANYO DENKI designed the 9RA series to achieve lower noise levels, reduced power consumption, and longer service life while still delivering optimal cooling performance. This has been achieved through various improvements in key development areas, such as enhancing motor efficiency, refining blade design, and implementing noise reduction measures.

Key Development

  1. Quiet operation – Adopting compact motors has increased design flexibility, allowing for a variety of impeller shapes and blade installation angles. This has enabled the determination of ideal shapes that can reduce wind noise while maintaining maximum output.
  2. Energy Efficient – highly efficient compact motors with new circuit design and changing the drive system contributed to reducing power consumption.
  3. Long life up to 60,000/60°C (90,000/40°C) – The updated drive system significantly reduces heat generation in the fan, preventing temperature rise in bearings and resulting in a notably extended service life.

Read the white paper for more technical achievement details.


The 9RA series is designed with a rated voltage ranging from 12VDC to 48VDC, and are available in various sizes from 60mm to 140mm frame sizes so far. We plan to expand the series by introducing additional fan sizes in the future.


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SANYO DENKI has been a long-standing provider of cooling solutions for the medical devices industry, with fans being a crucial component in many of today's advanced medical devices. Contact us for a quote, or to discuss your device's customization requirements.

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