9LG New Long Life DC Cooling Fan by SANYO DENKI

The New 9LG Cooling Fan with 1U Server Size

SANYO DENKI has released the new 40mm sq. × 28mm thick Long-Life cooling fan. It is specifically designed to cater to the cooling needs of high-end servers, communication equipment, and other demanding applications. It excels in providing superior cooling performance while maintaining a compact form factor, which is essential to meet the increasing requirements of such applications.

Long-Life Up to 11 years at 60°C, or 15 years at 40°C

One of the standout features of this Long-Life fan is its extended lifespan, which significantly reduces the need for frequent replacements. It can operate continuously for up to 11 years at 60°C or 15 years at 40°C MAX, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing maintenance costs.

Highest Air Flow and Static Pressure in the industry

In terms of performance, this fan boasts the highest air flow and static pressure available in the industry. It efficiently moves a large volume of air and generates ample static pressure to effectively cool down the components it is used with. The fan offers three speed models: G, S, and H. These models have options for operation with 12 VDC or 24 VDC, providing flexibility to suit different system requirements.

SANYO DENKI long life cooling fan 40x28 9LG specification comparison with previous model
The new 9LG fans specification comparison with the current model

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Applications of 9LG 40 x 28mm Long-Life Cooling Fans

SANYO DENKI 9LG 40x28mm fan application example is servers
Servers are one of the application examples of 9LG 40x28mm DC fan

The 40mm x 28mm cooling fan with long-life features has various applications in the market. Some of the common applications include:

  1. Servers: These fans are often used in high-end servers to provide efficient cooling for critical components such as processors, memory modules, and storage devices.

  2. Communication Equipment: They are utilized in communication equipment like network switches, routers, and telecommunications infrastructure to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating.

  3. Telecom Power Supply: Cooling fans are employed in telecom power supply systems to ensure the proper cooling of power modules, rectifiers, and other critical components.

  4. Industrial Automation: The long-life cooling fans find applications in industrial automation systems, where they help in cooling PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), motor drives, and other control equipment.

  5. Medical Devices: These fans can be used in medical devices and equipment, such as diagnostic instruments, imaging systems, and patient monitoring devices, to maintain stable operating temperatures.

  6. Small Form Factor Electronics: The compact size of the 40mm x 28mm cooling fans makes them suitable for small form factor electronics such as PCs, embedded systems, and compact gaming consoles, where space is limited.

These are just a few examples, and there may be other applications in different industries where the long-life cooling fan with a compact form factor is beneficial for maintaining optimal operating temperatures and ensuring reliable performance of electronic devices.


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