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In recent years, driven by the advancement of cloud services, demand has been growing for rack mount servers used in data centers. Our fans are used in many of these servers, which are representative of ICT equipment. Generally speaking, rack mount servers are designed to be mounted in 19-inch wide racks, as standardized by the American Electronic Industries Alliance. Heights are standardized in multiples of U (44.45 mm), such as 1U, 2U, and 4U. Racks are the mainstream for server shape, and can accommodate stacks of up to forty two 1U servers so space in data centers can be used efficiently.

 With the spread of the internet, the processing speed and data volume handled by servers have been rising year by year, and the heat generation of each device has increased along with these changes. Moreover, the density of components inside devices is increasing, so fans must be compact while also having high airflow and high static pressure. 

Therefore, SANYO DENKI developed the 9HVA 40x28mm high airflow and static pressure fan in the size of a 1U rack mount server.

Fan for the high-density, high-heat generating device

Compared to the previous generation of high performance fans, the 9HV series, the new 9HVA fans’ max airflow is 1.26 times more and max static pressure is 2.1 times higher. The new fan series provides superb cooling performance to dissipate heat in high component density environments of rack mount servers.

cooling performance comparison
Performance comparison with previous models (HV series, CRV counter rotating fan series)

Moreover, 9HVA fan delivers higher cooling performance than our 40x56mm 9CRV, the high-performance counter rotating fan. The thinner fan size provides enhanced design flexibility.

comparison to CRV counter rotating cooling fan

Energy saving

Compared to the same airflow with previous models of 9HV, the rated input of the 9HVA series is lower by 22%. There is a considerable amount of energy savings that can be achieved for data center equipment.

By utilizing SANYO DENKI 9HVA 40×28 fans, a viable thermal solution can be implemented to even the most demanding heat generating conditions and tight spaces.


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